A small collection of online and offline websites with connection to hattrick.org


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Delphi-Pool An old betting page. 13 games (1x2) Formerly known as RadioTipset and only really used on Swedish HT-Radio.
Changed name and went through a minor re-design, to re-birth on Delphi, but somehow I never launched it!
Not used since 2005, but is still working AFAIK. Needs to be reset and manually restarted with new games though, since deadline has passed on the games registered.
HT Arena An arena calculator Not that much retro really. Started this one in 2003 after the original at truehattrick.com got canceled.
Got a face lift or three over the years.

Still works. Still up-to-date. You're welcome to use it!
HT Start Link collection Very active in 2003/2004. I'm pretty sure (sorry to say) that most links are long dead and gone.
It's kind of a Dead Links Museum
HT Radio Swedish Hattrick Radio This is how it looked the very last time I had this page under my wings. Swedish HT-Radio is actually still running though, but I left the control to proffe and the page code is somewhat re-written, but very much still looks and feel the same.

Swedish HT-Radio's home today: ht-radio.se.
UIK I Team page One of the first. Contains data up till somewhere in 2003.
284 matches registered.
84 players registered
UIK II Team page A later version of the team page. Contains data up till 2009 somewhere. There are 385 teams and 679 games registered in the database and more than 240 players from the club as well. /uik2/
UIK-Pool A copy of the betting page on top. A UIK-supporter feature (as far as I can tell only used in 2003), with only my league games, of whatever league I was playing in at the time.
Also still working

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